Fine Tuning

This is predominantly driven by your business management requirements.  Remember at this point you most likely do not know what you do not know!  Our regular coaching sessions may include:

  • Regular business coaching sessions - monthly or quarterly.
  • Analysis of your retail pricing and profit margins.
  • Review and correct treatment of your business transactions and GST treatment.  
  • Systems review – getting that dashboard right so we can see if there are ‘red lights’ flashing.
  • Planning for growth – when can I attach the turbocharger?
  • Capital expenditure projects – when will a new car cost less than throwing money for repairs and maintaining on a wreck?
  • GST and income tax review – keep on the right side of the law!
  • Business benchmarking – how are you doing against others in the race?
  • The importance of working ON the business, not IN it.

From $395 per/month

We realise that every business is different – as are the individuals running them. That’s what makes our
work so interesting!

Remember – these plans are just a starting point. We can mix packages to get a plan that works just for
you – Contact Us.

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