Full Throttle

At this stage you understand many concepts of business management and want to maintain control.  Therefore we offer more comprehensive and regular coaching sessions which may include:

  • Monthly business review meetings - click here to see our Monthly Coaching service card.
  • Updated ‘pace notes’ – assistance with annual budgeting, annual strategic plans and annual cash flow.
  • Tax planning – are taxes still being minimised?  What are the latest tax changes?
  • Needs analysis – assistance to pinpoint what needs attention in the business.
  • Annual risk review – checking that no wheels are about to fall off.
  • Profit improvement quarterly coaching - click here to see our Quarterly Coaching service card.
  • Software analysis – is your current system suitable?
  • ‘Ruffian watching’ – ensuring team members are complying with internal procedures.
  • Growth or sale – is it time to bring in an apprentice driver? Am I ready to quit? Where are you in the business cycle?
  • KPI (key performance indicators) Improvement coaching - click here to see our KPI Improvement Coaching service card.
  • Structure review – any benefits in change? Is asset protection maximised?
  • SWOT analysis – what are your current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats?
  • The importance of working ON the business, not IN it.
  • Discussion of where your next holiday will be!!!!!!

From $595 per/month

We realise that every business is different – as are the individuals running them. That’s what makes our
work so interesting!

Remember – these plans are just a starting point. We can mix packages to get a plan that works just for
you – Contact Us.

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