In this issue: Networking: What's your elevator pitch?, Efficiency gains, Is Facebook right for your business?, Facing up to customers, FYI, Netiquette - Do's and Don't for Facebook.

In this issue: Basic Branding, Welcoming new staff on board, How to put together a good induction programme, Breaking free from idle mode, Productivity killers, Netiquette - a focus on e-newsletters.

In this issue: Promote creativity and innovation; Multitasking; The importance of morale; How to boost team morale in your business; An education in ergonomics; Out of office emails; Ingredients for business success; Business plans - suppliers.

In this issue: Turning client contact into great client testimonials; Marketing your eco-friendly status; Maintaining your blog content; Attracting followers and promoting your blog; Recognising burnout - before you get burnt; Minimising human capital risk when buying a business; Netiquette - Maintaining your inbox, and FYI.

In this issue:  Boost sales and create client relationships; Defining your value proposition; New client follow up calls; Client Advisory Board - part 1; Conduct effective performance review; Netiquette - Know the limits of email, and FYI.

You may be able to claim an "input tax" credit for GST when you buy second-hand goods in a sale that's not covered by the GST scheme.

Running a business during a recession can be a challenging task. Every day, you read about companies being forced to down size and close their doors, and you might be wondering if your company is next. All of this confusion can cause you to make crucial mistakes that jeopardise the future of your company..

While budgets are time consuming to prepare, a well thought out budget can greatly improve the performance of your business and help identify problems and opportunities early on. Budgets are simply forecasts of the future, designed to plan and control money coming and going from your business.

When things get tough it’s important to go back to basics.  In this economic downturn now is the time to review your organisation and ensure that your fundamentals of business are sound.