First Gear

Welcome.  First gear is for our "new to business" customers.  In our regular meetings (normally fortnightly or monthly) we cover things such as:

  • What are my business goals?  What are my personal goals?  How do I plan to get there?  Click here to see our Business Planning service card.
  • Deductibility – what can I put through my business?  Are there limits to my business claims?
  • Systems and software – what will work best for me so I am not overwhelmed at this early stage?  What signals can my dashboard give me?
  • Structures – given what I want to achieve should I be in a company, a partnership, a Trust, or something else?
  • Tax and GST obligations – What do the Inland Revenue require me to do?  How long do I keep my records?  What is the timing of my income tax payments?  What does good record keeping look like?  How do I use my-IR?
  • Financial viability – I want my incomings to exceed my outgoings so I can provide for my family - so do they? What will my hourly rate be?
  • Support – who will my pit crew and team consist of?  What is my role in the business?  Click here to see our Organisation Review service card
  • Every one tells me I need to work ON my business, not IN it - what does this mean?
  • Have I got what it takes to be successful?

After six meetings we’ll re-assess to see if you are ready to change gear and upgrade to the Fine Tuning or Full Throttle options.

From $295 per/month

We realise that every business is different – as are the individuals running them. That’s what makes our
work so interesting!

Remember – these plans are just a starting point. We can mix packages to get a plan that works just for
you – Contact Us

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